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About Me

My name is Mary Young and I am a long time resident of Collier County.  Coming from a military and law enforcement family I have always had a great respect for all firearms.  I was introduced to the sport of shooting at a young age and didn’t really expand on it as any more than a sport till later in life.

Embracing the NRA and their training I advanced by studying alongside a good number of certified instructors and eventually obtained my own certification as an NRA Instructor as well as a certified NRA Range Safety Officer and an NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor.  At this point I am always looking at training and events to better my skills not only as a firearms instructor but as an avid shooter.

I welcome you all to this site and hope that if I can be of assistance in helping you along in your journey with this wonderful sport you will contact me.  It’s great to be able to embrace such a skill that not only brings joy as a hobby but can also put food on the table when needed and protect you and your loved ones if the issue arises.

I am thrilled that you clicked to get to my page!  Please take the time to go through it and see what all I am offering.  I offer great beginner classes, safety and range etiquette classes,  help you learn to live safely with a firearm in your home, concealed carry classes and so much more!   There are new things coming to the company as well so keep watching, there will be something for everyone!

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

NRA Certified Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor

USCCA Associate Firearms Instructor

Alamo Range Approved Guest Firearms Instructor

Please check out our “What We Do” page to check out some of our awesome offerings for training.  Call, email or text us for up to the moment classes and offerings!

SAFETY is our priority!  Training is our passion. We are always offering specials and interesting fun classes.  Bring a friend and come learn something fun and useful!