Awesome New Option!

I am just over the moon thrilled that we have added the online ZOOM live and interactive class option! This is as good as being in person across from a desk with someone! The cool thing is you no longer need to look for that babysitter or worry about getting a ride or the traffic or weather!

There are several things we can train with this fantastic new training tool from the classroom portion of the concealed carry class to some safety and pistol basics classes. I am really looking forward to building some awesome and fun live and interactive classes to offer everyone!

Remember.. this is a LIVE class option. This isn’t some little “video” you watch. You will be live with your instructor, interactive, and just like a regular “in person” class! Just way way easier to opt into from home or office! WOW .. you can even have a ZOOM class party! Yes.. we can do that for you too!

Welcome To Collier Firearms Training, LLC!

Hello friends!

I am pleased that you found us here in the world of the internet!

If you are interested in assistance with purchasing your first firearm and supplies for target practice or personal protection I can help you with that..

If you’re wanting to learn how to handle a pistol safely and learn to shoot it properly I can help you with that as well…

If you’re wanting to brush up on your old skills you haven’t used in years you’ve come to the right place…

Wanting that coveted concealed carry permit?  Yes I can also assist you with that journey too!

All in all I can generally assist you with your personal firearms/pistol needs.

I offer a number of different type of classes and can always customize something for you if need be13103262_10209623701817628_5766949249720466898_n