What We Do

Basic Pistol Training

I offer hourly or half hour training in a private or semi private class.  Each student gets 100% of my attention on the range.  Only one student at a time while firing, I don’t run multiple lanes at one time. If you’re on the range with me I am with YOU!  This gives my students a better opportunity for learning.

Concealed Carry Class

This is the class that many of my students come for.  In Florida it is a gift to be able to obtain a permit to carry a firearm or other weapon to protect ourselves.  A concealed carry class is an excellent way to begin your journey to getting your Florida permit.

I offer this class in a private, semi private or group setting.  There is a classroom and range portion to this class.  My classroom portion is very informative on law and safety.  We also go over accessories and equipment options.  The range portion of the class is fun and easy, we offer far more than is “required” by the State of Florida!

Where We Train

Collier Firearms Training is thrilled to now be offering private/semi private and group classes for the classroom portion of our concealed carry class on ZOOM! Yes you can actually take your classroom portion of our concealed carry class in the comfort of your own home or office! No more looking for a babysitter or worrying about transportation/traffic!  These classes are LIVE and INTERACTIVE!! NOT VIDEO’S!!

Of course all of our actual firearms classes that require in person training is done IN PERSON.  We are blessed to be an approved guest instructor at the Alamo range and we are able to bring our students to the premier indoor range of SW FL to provide training.  I am honored to be accepted as a guest instructor at one of the most respected and quality ranges in SW Florida, The Alamo Range.  I also offer my services at private ranges as long as they are equipped as a safe and legal shooting area.  So yes I will come to your home for training if you have the proper shooting area set up.

Non Live Fire Laser Training! (In addition to our live fire of course)

Yes we now have a nifty little new laser system! This is a non live fire training where you can learn to get your sighting, grip and breathing down without the bother of a busy range.  It’s a lot of fun and we can use 9mm, 45 cal, and also 223’s!!  This is optional indoor/outdoor training!  We can actually bring this to you for private/private group training!

And Now A Bit More…

I offer a variety of courses to fit the needs of everyone from the absolute beginner to the advanced shooters.  My fee’s are reasonable and the packages are value packed. As always I highly suggest that everyone get some professional range training to start out so they can have something to go by to practice.  You must practice to keep frosty!!

So are you ready to learn to handle a pistol safely and to shoot as well?  Do you want to be comfortable going to the range by understanding the etiquette and rules?  Do you have a pistol in the house and just want to learn to be safe with it?  Are you finally wanting to get that concealed carry permit?  I can help you with all of this and more!


Remember we are always adding new things to our training program!  We’re always doing specials and training events.  You’ll find fun and educational classes all the time both shooting and non shooting kinds!  We believe in training and safety, we believe in learning ways to keep from having to use a firearm in defense of ourselves.  BUT we also love to learn to shoot and to do it well.